McClarrons Sport 'Race to 100 birdies'

The 2020protour are delighted to announce the latest partnership and player incentive for the 2020 season. As a mini tour providing players with more opportunities to play in the North of England at a more consistent and affordable price, we continue to strive to add extra incentives throughout the year for our members!

So, to partner with McClarrons Sport for the ‘Race to 100 birdies’ is amazing; it’s going to be fantastic to track the progress of our tour members on the various social media platforms week to week in the race for a share of a season changing £20,000.

The 2020protour has 22 events scheduled throughout the season, so players will have to average approximately 4.54 birdies per round, but with Jonathan Thomson recently equalling the world record for 9 consecutive birdies and Richard Mansell averaging 4.6 birdies a round on the Europro Tour, it just shows what our members are fully capable of.

If only one player reaches the 100-birdie mark, they will go home with ALL of the £20,000, but the race is on for the whole season so it may be shared between a few of the 2020protour birdie machines!!

Having spoken with McClarrons Sport over the New Year, they were extremely supportive of the 2020protour’s vision to grow male and female golf through our equitable policy and showed no hesitation in wanting to partner with the 2020protour.

“We feel this is a fantastic incentive for players to aim for and we are delighted to be working with McClarrons Sport going forward, it would be amazing if at the Tour final there were a few players chasing down the magic 100 birdie mark”.

Chris Hanson, 2020protour

Throughout the season McClarrons Sport will also be offering players the chance to back their own performances and that’s not just on the 2020protour but worldwide, giving players that extra incentive to perform and increase their own earning potential.

“We’re very excited to have teamed up with 2020protour for this year’s season! The £20k race to 100 birdies is a great opportunity for players and we feel adds another element of excitement to what is already a great tour! We’re looking forward to watching the players chase down their share of £20k!!”

Tom Landale, McClarrons Sport

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