‘Eye on the prize’

The Eye Doctor Classic & ThinOptics Masters

We are pleased to announce and welcome the latest 2020protour partner and event sponsor The Body Doctor. The local Huddersfield based company, based in Denby will sponsor our first two events at Crosland Heath Golf Club and Huddersfield Golf Club.

The company produces products to solve a range of irritating, dry or sore eye conditions such as Dry Eye, Blepharitis. The Eye Doctor, hot eye compress is a ‘Queens Award winner’ and is part of an extensive range of antibacterial eyelid hygiene products. 

We all know it is vital to look after and protect our eyes, simply use the compress to keep the glands healthy and restore your tear film.

Just what you need to keep ‘fresh’ eyes on the prize!

“We are delighted to partner with such a forward thinking business who also share the values as the 2020protour”

Adam Walker – 2020protour co founder

ThinOptics are the World’s thinnest reading glasses and sunglasses.  Simple attach to your phone, laptop, inside a wallet or on a keychain. 

Weighing less than a 10p piece and only 4mm thick they will not interfere with your game and are perfect for marking those score cards.

The Body Doctor will be offering all participants a whopping 25% off on all products in their ranges, simply visit www.the-body-doctor.com and quote 2020PROTOUR to receive your discount.

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