CMD Classic - Worksop GC

Prior to lockdown, the 2020protour was delighted to announce that Contract Management Direct (CMD) were to become a tour partner and also title sponsor of the 4th event at Fulford Golf Club.

Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, that event was soon cancelled; however, we are extremely excited to announce that CMD will now title sponsor the 2020protour event at Worksop Golf Club on Wednesday 22nd July!

“Worksop is a fantastic venue to host any Tour event, and to have CMD title sponsor the event will help to create even more of a tour feel. Paul has been a great supporter of the 2020protour from day 1 and we can’t thank him enough for his support along the way!”

Speaking with Paul Hemlin from CMD, it was clear to see his passion for golf and for supporting male and female golfers who show a real ambition to succeed at the highest level.

CMD have also offered a fantastic #memberbenefit which is often overlooked in the professional world of sport. CMD will offer any member of the 2020protour a free 1-hour consultation to have any sponsorship contract examined to make sure the player is protected when signing a deal.

About Contract Management Direct

Contract Management Direct (CMD) are experts in business-related contracts. Our experience in drafting, agreeing and managing contracts ranges from global IT outsourcing, telecoms, naval shipbuilding, oil, rail and construction projects through to contracts for professional golfers, golf clubs and local shops. Based in York, over the last 13 years CMD has worked in over 20 countries for clients ranging from global corporations such as Hewlett Packard, Unilever, BAE Systems, Telefonica, and the UK Cabinet Office,through to small, local owner-operator businesses.

We have considerable experience in helping smaller companies contract with larger customers or suppliers, ensuring a fair deal is agreed.

Contracts exist to record an agreement and need ongoing management after they are signed. Over 95% of their content is not ‘law’, it is critical deal elements such as roles and responsibilities – the who, where, when and how much – which are the areas that cause the most disputes. Contracts should encourage collaboration and mutual gain, not just say what happens if things go wrong. Not having robust contracts in place will affect the value of your business in the event of a sale.

Let our experienced commercially minded Contract Managers look after your contracts, so you can look after your business. CMD offers a flexible range of service packages to suit all business needs and budgets.”

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