The 2020protour is delighted to announce its latest partnership with exciting UK clothing brand Bunker Mentality. After meeting with Robert and Tamasine at their stylish Midlands office it was soon clear that we wanted to partner with a company that shares so many of the same values.

For the 2020 season Bunker Mentality have come on board to sponsor the winner of the 2020protour Order of Merit, as well as offering a fantastic Member Benefit which we are sure many players will be extremely keen to take advantage of.

“It’s a fantastic brand, it’s cool, modern, and the quality of the range really sold it to us!”

Adam Walker, Co-Founder of the 2020protour

Throughout the 2020 season you will see Bunker Mentality branding at events, as well as the 2020 staff becoming part of team Bunker!

We can’t thank Bunker Mentality enough for their support of the 2020protour and really look forward to working together in the future.


The 2020protour is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with two of the north of England’s leading physiotherapists – Craig Coulson and Michael Murray.

Between them they will be in attendance at events throughout the year, taking 11each, and will exclusively provide MEMBERS of the 2020protour with 15-minute complimentary treatment/massage or warm up support prior to playing. There will be approximately 14 slots available to members on a first come, first served basis for this fantastic service.

“From playing on the European Tour myself and receiving this service day-to-day, I really felt the benefits and soon appreciated what the Tour had put in place for the players. So, to be able to provide this for our 2020protour members is amazing and we can’t thank Craig and Michael enough for their support”.

Chris Hanson, 2020protour co-founder and former European Tour player said:

To give our physio team the introduction they deserve, we will be profiling them both over the coming months, but to give you a little insight now, please welcome both Craig and Michael.

Craig – Holmfirth / Huddersfield

Michael – Todmorden / Clitheroe

As a tour we will continue to strive to keep providing benefits for our members and will continue to update the ‘member benefit’ packages throughout the year.

“Putting the players first”

Are you ready for the LAUNCH!

The 2020protour is here – we are delighted to announce the launch of the newest and first equal gender pro tour in the UK with an equitable policy.

As a tour we will strive to create more playing opportunities whilst keeping players’ costs as low as realistically possible, at the same time enabling them to play for maximum prize money!

As a tour we will take no money from any player entry fee. Once green fees have been deducted, the players will see clearly that they are competing for everything else!

We can’t be fairer than that!

“Putting the players first”

We aim to help promote the players, their sponsors and their golf courses through our active social media platforms and work together to make the tour a stronger place to play with larger prize funds on quality golf courses throughout the North of England!

It’s going to be fantastic to offer more playing opportunities to women in the UK, which currently are extremely limited, and we believe it will be a supportive platform to assist them to push on through the women’s ranks!

“It’s great to finally see a tour that caters for all professional golfers. A tour for men and women is exactly the kind of platform that offers all aspirational golf pros a place to compete and develop their games.

I’m super excited that the 2020protour has come round and it’s well overdue”

Carly Booth – Ladies ET winner x3

The tour will also be open to amateur golfers of 2hcp or less, allowing such players to get a real taste of professional golf by competing alongside some highly successful professionals.

“As amateurs we can only really half measure our games with the pros. We can only ever go on scores, however the 2020protour not only gives us the opportunity to play with pros, it also gives us chance to compete and interact with the pros.

These players have lived our dream, so the opportunity to play against them is a welcome challenge for us, without 2020protour this wouldn’t be possible”

Tom Broxup – Yorkshire Amateur

We truly are a tour that takes huge pride in our members and will continue to improve and add to our ‘member benefits’ programme, encouraging players to take advantage of the support available to them throughout the year.

As former and current players ourselves, having between us played at every level, we truly believe we have a clear understanding of what players expect from a mini tour, but at the same time will always be open to any suggestions from fellow players or tour sponsors as to how we can improve the 2020protour, as we can’t make this tour a success on our own.

So hopefully it won’t be the first time we say this, but welcome to the 2020protour, thank you for the support, and we hope to see many of you in the upcoming season!


Chris Hanson & Adam Walker