International Women’s Day

We launched the 2020protour on the 29th November 2019 with the vision that male and female golfers would be able to compete in the fairest possible way for the same prize money and Order of Merit prizes.

We took into account the European Tour’s findings along with our own research and testing and like the European Tour we applied the policy of a minimum 11% difference between the male and female course lengths.

So when we finally launched we were delighted to welcome our first member to the 2020protour, and that the first member was also female. That confirmed straight away that we were doing the right thing and that golf can be equitable.

So to celebrate International Women’s Day, please welcome the first member to join the 2020protour – Emma Goddard from Royal Liverpool – @goddardemma91 (Twitter)

Which player inspired you to play golf?

Annika Sorenstam

What age did you start to play golf?

I started playing at the age of 8 during the summer, then when finished playing football at 17 I took it more seriously.

Who got you into golf?

My grandad got me into golf, I found his clubs in the garage one summer and started swinging one around so he cut me one down and I never put it down .

What is you earliest golfing memory?

Would have to be Saturday morning sessions at the local municipal, a group of lads and me. I first turned up all shy and no one wanted to play with me. (because I was a girl and going to be rubbish) My grandad said “come on then me and you” I hit my tee shot and all the lads fell quiet, next week everyone wanted to play with me. 

Who is your dream golfing fourball?

My Grandad, Annika, Sergio

What is your golfing pet hate?

Slow play

Everyone at the 2020protour wishes you good luck throughout the year on all tours!

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‘Eye on the prize’

The Eye Doctor Classic & ThinOptics Masters

We are pleased to announce and welcome the latest 2020protour partner and event sponsor The Body Doctor. The local Huddersfield based company, based in Denby will sponsor our first two events at Crosland Heath Golf Club and Huddersfield Golf Club.

The company produces products to solve a range of irritating, dry or sore eye conditions such as Dry Eye, Blepharitis. The Eye Doctor, hot eye compress is a ‘Queens Award winner’ and is part of an extensive range of antibacterial eyelid hygiene products. 

We all know it is vital to look after and protect our eyes, simply use the compress to keep the glands healthy and restore your tear film.

Just what you need to keep ‘fresh’ eyes on the prize!

“We are delighted to partner with such a forward thinking business who also share the values as the 2020protour”

Adam Walker – 2020protour co founder

ThinOptics are the World’s thinnest reading glasses and sunglasses.  Simple attach to your phone, laptop, inside a wallet or on a keychain. 

Weighing less than a 10p piece and only 4mm thick they will not interfere with your game and are perfect for marking those score cards.

The Body Doctor will be offering all participants a whopping 25% off on all products in their ranges, simply visit and quote 2020PROTOUR to receive your discount.

CMD to title sponsor event #4

The 2020protour are delighted to announce that Contract Management Direct (CMD) will become a tour partner and title sponsor of event #4 at Fulford Golf Club for the 2020 season.

After speaking with Paul Hemlin from CMD it was clear to see his passion for golf and for supporting male and female golfers who show a real ambition to succeed at the highest level.

CMD have also offered a fantastic #memberbenefit which is often over looked in the professional world of sport, CMD will offer any member of the 2020protour a free 1 hour consultation to have any sponsorship contract examined to make sure the player is protected when signing a deal.

About Contract Management Direct

Contract Management Direct (CMD) are experts with business related contracts. Our experience in drafting, agreeing and managing contracts ranges from global IT outsourcing, telecoms, naval shipbuilding, oil, rail and construction through to professional golfer contracts. Based in York, over the last 12 years CMD has worked in over 20 countries for clients ranging from global corporations such as Hewlett Packard, Unilever, BAE Systems, Telefonica an the UK Cabinet Office through to small, local owner-operator businesses.

We have considerable experience in helping smaller companies contract with larger customers or suppliers, ensuring a fair deal is agreed.

Contracts exist to record an agreement and need ongoing management after they are signed.  Over 95% of their content is not ‘law’, it is critical deal elements such as roles and responsibilities, the who, where, when and how much – the areas that cause the most disputes.  Contracts should encourage collaboration and mutual gain, not just say what happens if things go wrong…  Not having robust contracts in place will affect the value of your business in the event of a sale.

Let our experienced commercially minded Contract Managers look after your contracts, so you can look after your business…   CMD offers a flexible range of service packages to suit all business needs and budgets.

“To have such a well respected company supporting the 2020protour in its inaugural year is fantastic, it has been amazing to work closely with Paul and his passion for work/golf has certainly shone through!”

Adam Walker – 2020protour Co Founder

Link to CMD media story – here

The #memberbenefit

Several players on the 2020protour will be looking for sponsors. CMD can provide a free of charge 1 hour review of any proposed sponsorship/endorsement agreement for all 2020protour members. Let the experts analyse your contracts, so the players can keep doing what they are best at. 

Contact Paul Hemlin – 07951396996 /   

LIVE streaming!

Story from ContentLive

ContentLIVE Golf are delighted to announce we will be streaming the opening event of the inaugural 2020protour from Huddersfield Golf Club on Monday 24th February completely LIVE

Created by European Tour professional Chris Hanson and former caddie & professional Adam Walker, the 2020protour is a mixed gender series of Tournaments which sees players vie for an equal prize pool and is open to professionals and amateurs alike with 23 tournaments in the calendar for this season (including a Pro Am).

The live streaming deal means we will be bringing our revolutionary ‘F1 Style Media to the Club Circuit’ approach in Motorsport and adapting it to golf to give viewers a chance to really get to know the players, see the action, and get a proper look at the fun behind the scenes – the stuff you don’t normally get to see.

The event will be broadcast live through the 2020protour Facebook page and ContentLIVE golf throughout the day with a highlights video to be produced post event.

“Chris and Adam’s choice of tagline for the Tour ‘Putting the Players First’ really resonated with us as that is exactly our approach in motorsport. When I heard about the 2020protour, I knew immediately it was something I wanted to be involved in as I knew we could add significant value through our game changing approach to sports media.

 ContentLIVE founder Ian Waterhouse

As a golf fanatic myself and having worked heavily in the industry, I could not be more excited to be working with a Tour that is all about the people with an open approach to growing both the men’s and ladies’ game by creating a mixed gender series of tournaments.”

The deal will ensure fans get a look at the action live via Facebook and is a great way to generate more exposure for one of the most forward-thinking events in sport.

“With the help of ContentLIVE we are thrilled to be able to showcase the 2020protour live to golf fans, sponsors and partners of the Tour, it is going to be amazing to add so much extra value and exposure to everyone involved and to capture and showcase the talent of the players”

2020 Pro Tour founder Chris Hanson

Find out more about the 2020 Pro Tour and view the full calendar of dates by visiting 

ContentLIVE Golf is part of the ContentLIVE group which also features Motorsport Media MySuperCar. Set up in 2018 by Ian Waterhouse, Leon Van Zweel, and Alain Van Zweel with the intention of giving more to the fans, organisers, participants, and sponsors through revolutionary engaging live stream coverage in sport.

McClarrons Sport ‘Race to 100 birdies’

The 2020protour are delighted to announce the latest partnership and player incentive for the 2020 season. As a mini tour providing players with more opportunities to play in the North of England at a more consistent and affordable price, we continue to strive to add extra incentives throughout the year for our members!

So, to partner with McClarrons Sport for the ‘Race to 100 birdies’ is amazing; it’s going to be fantastic to track the progress of our tour members on the various social media platforms week to week in the race for a share of a season changing £20,000.

The 2020protour has 22 events scheduled throughout the season, so players will have to average approximately 4.54 birdies per round, but with Jonathan Thomson recently equalling the world record for 9 consecutive birdies and Richard Mansell averaging 4.6 birdies a round on the Europro Tour, it just shows what our members are fully capable of.

If only one player reaches the 100-birdie mark, they will go home with ALL of the £20,000, but the race is on for the whole season so it may be shared between a few of the 2020protour birdie machines!!

Having spoken with McClarrons Sport over the New Year, they were extremely supportive of the 2020protour’s vision to grow male and female golf through our equitable policy and showed no hesitation in wanting to partner with the 2020protour.

“We feel this is a fantastic incentive for players to aim for and we are delighted to be working with McClarrons Sport going forward, it would be amazing if at the Tour final there were a few players chasing down the magic 100 birdie mark”.

Chris Hanson, 2020protour

Throughout the season McClarrons Sport will also be offering players the chance to back their own performances and that’s not just on the 2020protour but worldwide, giving players that extra incentive to perform and increase their own earning potential.

“We’re very excited to have teamed up with 2020protour for this year’s season! The £20k race to 100 birdies is a great opportunity for players and we feel adds another element of excitement to what is already a great tour! We’re looking forward to watching the players chase down their share of £20k!!”

Tom Landale, McClarrons Sport

About McClarrons Sport

“McClarrons Sport understand the risks relating to sports teams, players, businesses and associations. Through their independence and the use of specialist insurance schemes, McClarrons Sport can arrange cover for many types of scenarios. From covering the cost of a prizes fans or customers have won, to significant payments that need to be made based on contractual bonuses, relegation or other obligations, they can help.”
Twitter @McClarronsSport


Craig Coulson – Elmwood Physiotherapy

So why physiotherapy? Was there a moment you thought, this is for me?

Honestly, I can’t remember exactly what it was that got me thinking about Physiotherapy. I have always loved sport and being active. I studied A-level P.E. at Greenhead College, which introduced me to biomechanics and movement analysis, I guess I was hooked from then.

Where did you study?

Northumbria University Newcastle is where I got my Physiotherapy Degree.

In the early days of your career and studying, did you have any interesting work placements?

I have done placements all over the North East and even as far west as Whitehaven. Experience is so important, seeing a variety of conditions in as many settings as possible, although I am pretty sure I would not have said that at the time. Newcastle was a great city to live in and being dragged away on placement whilst my mates were “out on the Toon” didn’t seem fair.

Where are you based now?

I have my own clinic ‘Elmwood Physiotherapy’, based in Holmfirth.

What do you most enjoy about working in physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation?

Working with people is great, helping them improve and achieve their goals is even better! Exercise is so important for all of our physical and mental health. Helping people understand their bodies and how they work lets them get the most out of themselves. In my world this can be as varied as smashing a drive over 300 yards or simply achieving a sit to stand.

What is the most common injury you come across day to day?

Lower back pain still tops the charts. We were never designed to sit at computers as long as we do (he says whilst sat typing this at his computer)!

How would you best describe the movement of a golf swing?

Depends on whose swing we are talking about?!!! So, I guess ‘unique’! What I love about the golf swing is the incredible club head speeds in contrast to the relative control and slow speeds at your centre.

What would be the biggest piece of advice from a physical aspect you could offer a young golfer starting out?

Get some advice from a health professional who has experience in dealing with golfers. Most keen golfers know they need to work on the physical side of their game but not many know how to make that specific to golf or their own individual requirements. Please don’t just go to the gym and smash out bicep curls!

What inspired you to support the 2020protour this coming year?

Any chance I get to work with Chris is always a pleasure and I know he will do everything he can to make 2020protour a success. The main reason is supporting the concept. I love the idea and will do what I can to help make it work.

Having both worked with golfers from amateur level to European Tour do you see many similarities in body movement?

Body movement is unique to the individual, which is what keeps our job interesting. I have been blown away by what elite sports people are capable of, but also amazed by what they can’t do and still get the job done! One of the tell-tale signs of working with someone who plays a lot of golf is the asymmetry associated with their swing. I still love the idea of Vijay Singh smashing his left-handed 7 iron at the end of a long practice session to try and counter this!

What is your first golfing memory, personal or televised?

My earliest memories of golf were watching Nick Faldo on T.V. My favourite memory was watching the first professional golfer I ever worked with smash one down the fairway off the first tee at The Open. Hopefully I will get the chance to watch some of the other golfers I have worked with tee it up on the 2020protour.

Michael Murray – MM Physiotherapy

So why physiotherapy? Was there a moment you thought, this is for me?

Following a career path into professional football from leaving school at 16, I was introduced to the value Physiotherapy had on treatment of injury, prevention and rehabilitation. At 20 years of age I dropped into semi-professional football and began my degree to become a Physiotherapist. I believed it was the perfect career move for me as it encompassed all aspects of what I enjoyed whilst playing professional sport in regards to strength, conditioning as well as hands on therapy treatment I knew was essential from my own previous injuries. I feel my background has given me a greater understanding of the needs, wants and expectations of athletes. 

Where did you study?

I studied at Salford University via a pathway with the PFA (Professional Footballers Association) on a part time course which enabled me to play football semi-professionally and also work and gain experience working in a gym as a personal trainer. It was a pretty tough four years, as I never experienced the student lifestyle having to work and compete on a part time basis still as a player but it completely worth it.

In the early days of your career and studying, did you have any interesting work placements?

My favourite placements during my Physiotherapy degree were in professional sport but also working in more humble community settings that ensured you can treat and adapt to everyone in any setting.

Where are you based now?

I work out of my private practice with my team in Todmorden, West Yorkshire and also my new clinic in Clitheroe, Ribble Valley. I am proud to have an extensive list of 22 rehabilitation sessions for our patients that we run at our Todmorden clinic every week, including Pilates, yoga, S&C, spin and also reformer rehabilitation sessions. Concise, well directed rehabilitation is the key to recovering from and preventing any injury! 

What do you most enjoy about working in physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation?

I mostly enjoy the outcomes following the process put in place with my patients. Whether the individual has pain or looking at working on a performance related restriction or weakness, the end product and improvements achieved is always the most enjoyable point. Though in professional sport the end product never ends as there is always room for improvement.

What is the most common injury you come across day to day?

Without doubt lower back pain; if I was to give any advice to anyone suffering lower back ache, pain or feel they have issues with their posture, don’t ignore it and source good Physiotherapy input to address your spinal imbalances. Inevitably all spinal injuries are caused by imbalance and it’s a ticking time bomb to potentially a more severe injury, get it looked at ASAP!

How would you best describe the movement of a golf swing?

Kinematic sequence! Helping find the most efficient way to each player’s perfect kinematic sequence is the key part of my role in a professional golfer’s team.

What would be the biggest piece of advice from a physical aspect you could offer a young golfer starting out?

I would advise seeing a golf specific Physiotherapist as early as possible for a screening to ensure you have the correct guidance and tailored exercise programme to address your imbalances. From an early age I would always put emphasis on good mobility and stability to ensure they have the ability to connect and disconnect segments of the body.

What inspired you to support the 2020protour this coming year?

I wanted to support Chris and Adam with the 2020 tour as it’s a superb platform for all professional golfers and also an opportunity to be part of a great team involved with the 2020 tour. I know the importance of Physiotherapy in golf from working with tour professionals. Being on site for pre round treatment and advice at the events will enable the tour to provide more support to its members at each event. 

Having both worked with golfers from amateur level to European Tour do you see many similarities in body movement?

I’d say if anything the similarities fall with the potential weaknesses which are usually around the pelvis and glutes. Tightness is commonly in the posterior chain, back and hamstrings mainly. These two issues work hand in hand and are key to improving for both amateur and professional. Inevitably, each player is unique and individual which is why it’s key to assess and tailor their needs to their swing whilst liaising with their swing coach.

What is your first golfing memory, personal or televised?

It was watching Tiger win the 1997 Masters. I was lucky enough to grow up watching a golden era of golf in which Tiger took the game to a new level and still continues to do. Seeing the sport evolve to a completely new level was inspiring and it made me take up golf and work hard on my own game to get as low as a 1 handicap.


The 2020protour is delighted to announce its latest partnership with exciting UK clothing brand Bunker Mentality. After meeting with Robert and Tamasine at their stylish Midlands office it was soon clear that we wanted to partner with a company that shares so many of the same values.

For the 2020 season Bunker Mentality have come on board to sponsor the winner of the 2020protour Order of Merit, as well as offering a fantastic Member Benefit which we are sure many players will be extremely keen to take advantage of.

“It’s a fantastic brand, it’s cool, modern, and the quality of the range really sold it to us!”

Adam Walker, Co-Founder of the 2020protour

Throughout the 2020 season you will see Bunker Mentality branding at events, as well as the 2020 staff becoming part of team Bunker!

We can’t thank Bunker Mentality enough for their support of the 2020protour and really look forward to working together in the future.


The 2020protour is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with two of the north of England’s leading physiotherapists – Craig Coulson and Michael Murray.

Between them they will be in attendance at events throughout the year, taking 11each, and will exclusively provide MEMBERS of the 2020protour with 15-minute complimentary treatment/massage or warm up support prior to playing. There will be approximately 14 slots available to members on a first come, first served basis for this fantastic service.

“From playing on the European Tour myself and receiving this service day-to-day, I really felt the benefits and soon appreciated what the Tour had put in place for the players. So, to be able to provide this for our 2020protour members is amazing and we can’t thank Craig and Michael enough for their support”.

Chris Hanson, 2020protour co-founder and former European Tour player said:

To give our physio team the introduction they deserve, we will be profiling them both over the coming months, but to give you a little insight now, please welcome both Craig and Michael.

Craig – Holmfirth / Huddersfield

Michael – Todmorden / Clitheroe

As a tour we will continue to strive to keep providing benefits for our members and will continue to update the ‘member benefit’ packages throughout the year.

“Putting the players first”

Are you ready for the LAUNCH!

The 2020protour is here – we are delighted to announce the launch of the newest and first equal gender pro tour in the UK with an equitable policy.

As a tour we will strive to create more playing opportunities whilst keeping players’ costs as low as realistically possible, at the same time enabling them to play for maximum prize money!

As a tour we will take no money from any player entry fee. Once green fees have been deducted, the players will see clearly that they are competing for everything else!

We can’t be fairer than that!

“Putting the players first”

We aim to help promote the players, their sponsors and their golf courses through our active social media platforms and work together to make the tour a stronger place to play with larger prize funds on quality golf courses throughout the North of England!

It’s going to be fantastic to offer more playing opportunities to women in the UK, which currently are extremely limited, and we believe it will be a supportive platform to assist them to push on through the women’s ranks!

“It’s great to finally see a tour that caters for all professional golfers. A tour for men and women is exactly the kind of platform that offers all aspirational golf pros a place to compete and develop their games.

I’m super excited that the 2020protour has come round and it’s well overdue”

Carly Booth – Ladies ET winner x3

The tour will also be open to amateur golfers of 2hcp or less, allowing such players to get a real taste of professional golf by competing alongside some highly successful professionals.

“As amateurs we can only really half measure our games with the pros. We can only ever go on scores, however the 2020protour not only gives us the opportunity to play with pros, it also gives us chance to compete and interact with the pros.

These players have lived our dream, so the opportunity to play against them is a welcome challenge for us, without 2020protour this wouldn’t be possible”

Tom Broxup – Yorkshire Amateur

We truly are a tour that takes huge pride in our members and will continue to improve and add to our ‘member benefits’ programme, encouraging players to take advantage of the support available to them throughout the year.

As former and current players ourselves, having between us played at every level, we truly believe we have a clear understanding of what players expect from a mini tour, but at the same time will always be open to any suggestions from fellow players or tour sponsors as to how we can improve the 2020protour, as we can’t make this tour a success on our own.

So hopefully it won’t be the first time we say this, but welcome to the 2020protour, thank you for the support, and we hope to see many of you in the upcoming season!


Chris Hanson & Adam Walker