• Each event will be decided over 18 holes
  • If an event is a tie a playoff will decide the winner, if a player is not present for the playoff they will forfeit that position
  • Male/female professionals will play for the same prize money
  • Male/female professionals will compete for the same 2020protour Order of Merit
  • Ladies will play a course a minimum of 15% shorter than men, whenever possible
  • Senior male players (50+) will have the option to play from a tee that sits between the Male and Female markers
  • Amateurs may enter with a handicap of 5 or better 
  • Amateurs will play in a separate Tournament from professionals
  • Amateurs will play for a separate Order of Merit
  • Amateurs can be drawn to play with professionals
  • Professional OOM to be decided by prize money earned (Members only)
  • Amateur OOM to be decided via points system (Members only to count)


1st – 150, 2nd – 120, 3rd – 100, 4th – 90, 5th – 80, 6th – 70, 7th – 60, 8th – 50, 9th – 40, 10th – 35, 11th – 30, 12th – 25, 13th – 20, 14th – 15



  • To be arranged by the player at their own cost


  • Membership costs – £119.00 for the 2021 calendar year
  • Entry fee including course fee (standard event) – £99.00 member – £119.00 non member
  • Entry fee including course fee (major event) – £179.00 member – £199.00 non member
  • Entry fees including course fee (standard event)
    £49.00 amateur member
    £69.00 amateur non member
  • Entry fees including course fee (major event)
    £79.00 amateur member
    £99.00 amateur non member
  • Withdrawals within 7 days of the tournament / or after the draw is published will be subject to an admin fee (£25.00) – withdrawals. within 48 hours will be loss of FULL entry fee – no show on the day, loss of FULL entry fee and subject to £25.oo fine
  • For any player who does not turn up or who misses their tee time, their entry fee will be forfeited
  • By entering a 2020protour tournament you allow the right to be filmed / live streamed or used for imagery (all content accessible for players own use)
  • Membership fees and OOM stand when 6 2020protour events hosted (non refundable membership)


  • 20% of the field paid out
  • 25% of the prize fund to 1st place


  • Coming soon


  • To play by the R&A rules of Golf; for any on course queries

– Play two balls

– Call the Tour phone 07495 941692

  • measuring devices without slope permitted


  • When play is suspended, a player must mark their ball and play will not be resumed until an official has deemed it safe
  • Practice is not allowed during a suspension

SUSPENSION – One prolonged klaxon horn
RESUMPTION – Two short klaxon horns


  • Please abide by and respect the rules at each golf club the 2020protour visits


  • If a player or caddie is seen to be displaying inappropriate behaviour on or off the course, then the Tour has the right to suspend the player from the 2020protour